My Story

I call Colorado home and there is nowhere I am more at peace than in my beloved Rocky Mountains. I have always been into health and fitness, but only in the last few years or so have I come to a greater understanding of what “being healthy” really means.


My turning point came after experiencing some health issues my doctor could do nothing for.  I was so tired of the creams, pills, potions and other drugs he kept telling me would fix my problems.  He even got upset when I began to ask questions, so I fired him.

I started doing my own research and discovered that the foods I ate, as well as other lifestyle changes, could have “profound” implications on my health.  I read story after story of people turning their lives around and healing themselves after the conventional medicine approach had failed.  Many times after years of unnecessary suffering.  Food as medicine I thought, why didn’t my doctor just tell me that?

After further research, I learned that it really wasn’t my doctor’s fault as he’d received very little training in nutrition, which made no sense to me whatsoever.  I even spoke with my brother, a Harvard trained physician and he confirmed it.  All those years of medical school, and yet the most powerful tool in healing our bodies and preventing disease in the first place, is almost entirely ignored.

My doctor, whom I implicitly trusted, was chronically masking my symptoms instead of getting to the “root cause” and addressing it.  I have since come to the understanding that this happens all the time. It’s not normal to have symptoms, and if you do they should be very short term.  Nor is it “normal” to be on medications…at any age.


Through diet and other changes I was able to heal myself and now focus on thriving, not just surviving.  This is our normal state, and what our body strives to do every second of every day.

Unfortunately, mainstream medicine rarely recognizes and treats the whole person. The system simply isn’t set up to prevent or reverse chronic disease, or even promote basic wellness in a meaningful way, yet we’ve given over our power to doctors and pharmaceutical companies.

It is my job to guide you in discovering healing opportunities that can be life-changing. Let’s work together to do exactly that.



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