Mission Possible


My mission is to empower you to see clearly that being healthy and strong is your birthright. Most people do not think about their health until they are sick, which is much too late.

As many are discovering in our modern times, most conventional doctors are not trained to deal with the chronic diseases of today, (type 2 diabetes, auto-immune conditions, obesity, arthritis, etc) and instead “manage disease and symptoms” through various drugs.  This does not address the root cause of illness.

We need much less of a health care system and much more of a self-care system. This means focusing on being well and staying well, instead of trying to fix being sick.  Break-Free Wellness is just that, guiding you to free yourself from accepting poor health, and learning how to do this for life.  Break-free of the current paradigm.

It’s up to you to live strong, not your doctor…own your health.



Schedule a free and enjoyable, no pressure health consultation with me today! Include your name, email address and any comments below and I will be in touch promptly. Thank you so much for your time.


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