Choose Your Wellness Package

Starter Package (2 months, no labs)

This initial plan does not typically include lab work but is all about personalized health coaching.  Our focus will be on the pillars of good health: Diet, Rest, Exercise/Movement, Stress Reduction & Targeted Supplementation.



  • 4 one-on-one 60-minute client sessions in person or via Skype
  • Bio-individual, 60-day custom-built health protocol
  • Personalized coaching and support
  • Real food recipes that are simple and easy to prepare
  • Simple yet informative handouts from my nutrition coursework
  • Access to my blog and newsletter keeping you up to date on the latest science
  • Free email support between sessions
  • My personal commitment to your health and success

Break-free package (4 months, 2 labs)

Along with everything in the Starter Package, as part of your 4-month personalized health protocol, you will send in urine samples to the lab to determine key hormone & neurotransmitter levels and their metabolites, circadian rhythm patterns, and important B vitamin markers for good health.

You will also submit a stool sample to assess your gut microbiome, and learn what precise foods you should be eating to optimize your flora and your health.  This data provides important clues to the hidden malfunctions that your body is dealing with, helps significantly to provide relief, and begins to eliminate the root causes of poor health.

Breaking free 1

Includes everything in the 2-month starter package plus:

  • 8 one-on-one, 60-minute client sessions in person or via Skype
  • Nutritional interpretation of lab work and intake forms
  • Bio-individual, 120-day custom-built health protocol

 Own your health package (8 months, 5 labs)

In your 8-month personalized health protocol, we continue to uncover vital hidden stressors preventing you from achieving the next level of health.  As part of this process, there are three additional labs utilized including a 170 food sensitivities test, GI Map pathogen screening, and comprehensive thyroid panel.

Eating foods you are sensitive to, living with “bad bugs”, and/or a malfunctioning thyroid are all blocking factors that can severely limit your ability to experience true wellness.


Includes everything in the 4-month break-free package plus:

  • 16 one-on-one, 60-minute client sessions in person or via Skype
  • Nutritional interpretation of lab work (Gi-Map, Genova IP, MRT Foods) and intake forms
  • Bio-individual, 240-day custom-built health protocol
  • My favorite book on holistic wellness for life
  • 5 free eBooks and coaching support from my environmental toxins coursework on protecting yourself from disease-producing toxins
  • Best researched product recommendations to reduce body burden (water & shower filters, personal care & home cleaning products, etc)

 Primary Food

Primary Foods Integration

Primary foods are critically important, incredibly powerful lifestyle areas that must be in relative balance.  That’s right, they have nothing to do with what goes in your mouth.  Fulfilling relationships, career, and spiritual practice, for example, have the capacity to heal more than the perfect diet…in the opinion of some of my teachers.

As I like to tell my clients, you can eat all the blueberries and kale in the world, but that will not fix the fact you are miserable in your job, or can’t stand your partner, etc. My life completely changed when I began to focus on my own primary foods, and this is an integral part of my coaching programs.



The foundation upon which all health is built includes five key components.  Each one of these areas is intently focused upon as part of your bio-individual health protocol.  It always comes back to diet, rest, exercise, stress management, and some targeted supplementation.

All the labs in the world will not matter if you ignore these five things.  For example, you cannot “out-exercise” a poor diet, nor will the “perfect diet” make up for the fact you don’t sleep well.  Of all of them, eliminating hidden stressors is the most important, and part of the reason why the lab work can be such a powerful tool.


Schedule a free and enjoyable, no pressure health consultation with me today!  Thank you so much for your time!