Good Health Is A Choice

There are always risks in freedom.  The only risk in bondage is that of breaking free. ~Gita Bellin

The emblem you see on my website symbolizes the act of breaking free.  Whether from a stressful job situation, poor health choices, an unfulfilling relationship or anything else it doesn’t matter. We all need to “break-free” from what holds us back, so we can live the life we are capable of. I’m here to support and empower you towards that very goal.


The majority of American adults are currently living with subpar health, and have forgotten what real energy and wellness feels like.  They accept their headaches, arthritis, digestive issues, constipation, low energy, brain fog, etc., etc., as “normal”.  No symptom is normal.

True health is built by addressing the causal factors of disease, the root cause(s).  Symptoms are the result of a deeper malfunction, and using medications to cover them up, again and again, will never “heal” anything. Symptoms should be short term and do lead to chronic disease if not addressed properly.

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Most approaches to nutrition dwell on calorie counting, point systems, and other annoying and extreme measures that never yield permanent results.

As Your Functional Health Practitioner:

  • I help you uncover hidden stressors and imbalances (with the help of targeted lab work) that promote disease and suffering.  This can greatly assist in the discovery of additional healing opportunities, leading to targeted, bio-individual, and proven health protocols.
  • I guide you towards life long health through root cause analysis, not treatment of symptoms.  My goal is for you to take control of your health, and not need me.
  • I use practical lifestyle coaching methods, and assist you in discovering which approach to health works best for you.
  • I facilitate a deeper understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that serve you and implement life long changes that improve your health, and overall well-being.
  • I create a supportive environment, looking at key areas of your life and how they are connected, and how they dramatically affect your wellness  (relationships, career, movement, spiritual practice, etc).


My clients have improved and/or eliminated the following conditions:

Arthritis, skin problems, weight issues, food sensitivities, low libido, hormonal imbalance, poor sleep, bloating/gas, GERD, body inflammation, cravings, sensitive teeth, aches/pains, brain fog, mood, and more.

Ready to break free?


Schedule a free and enjoyable, no pressure health consultation with me today!  Thank you so much for your time!